Heh. I made “Weekend” the title because I remember cdcness making a joke when we were talking about the “weekend” we just had. She would say, “What weekend?” Haha. It’s because of the too many things we’re doing and we had some Saturday classes so it seems we haven’t had any weekend at all. Anyway, I had a real weekend this time. Btw, this weekend includes the Friday. Lol.

OCTOBER 14, 2011

  • had a mass in school
  • the priest was indian
  • he’s cool
  • haha
  • had my recess
  • mrs. garcia paid for my food (baked creamy)
  • she bought me drinks one kasamahan community-based day
  • she’s so ljahljgagkjb
  • one of my faves
  • hahaha
  • had kasamahan
  • we only cut circles and made them look like snowflakes
  • planned for the community-based kasamahan on october 21
  • had lunch
  • dance pro practices
  • here’s our song http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E0r7SQDer0Y
  • nvm the girl in the video
  • she’s like seducing the hero
  • lol
  • anyway, we practiced ‘til 2:30pm
  • went to lilia’s
  • her mom bought us fries from mcdo (drive-thru)
  • then went straight to their home
  • while doing the physics activity blah on lawn ranger, we watched Friends With Benefits
  • i loooyk
  • then we ate
  • lskdnljak the food was =P~
  • then we talked about some stuffs :-“
  • we played this game on lilia’s ipad
  • we were killing ants
  • i swear we were laughing, screaming, and hitting those ants so hard we could’ve thrown the ipad
  • couldn’t even breath lol
  • then my mom fetched me
  • we walked home since our house was just two blocks away lol

October 15, 2011

  • woke up early
  • finished my economics transfer task ‘til 6pm lol
  • of course i was tumblrin’
  • hahaha
  • forgive my Econ TT. i dunno what came to my mind when i chose that bg
  • i felt like going back to grade school
  • lol no way
  • hahaha
  • studied for the Music LT
  • read inferno
  • watched a bit of the movie that my mom and siblings were watching
  • of course i slept ‘cuz it was an action movie
  • lol
  • watched tv when i woke up
  • then slept again

October 16, 2011

  • woke up at around 7am
  • ate breakfast
  • went to church
  • it’s the youth’s week for the laity month
  • my church friends played for the worship service
  • they also replaced the choir today lol
  • and they danced
  • weee
  • my brother, sister, and I did not join them since we had saturday classes which are the days they had their practices
  • so, there.
  • went home
  • had lunch
  • read inferno ‘til canto v
  • planned to take a nap but didn’t
  • i couldn’t sleep a while ago
  • studied for the Music LT again
  • went online
  • printed my econ tt
  • printer sux okay
  • there’s an ink blot[?]at the bottom of the page huhu
  • checked our brochure that fayeramos edited
  • it was sdlngalkn so good
  • i dunno
  • my opinion. op hahaha
  • watching Goonies rn

Well I guess that’s about it. I can feel the petiks month yaaaaaay

Btw, i miss this guy so much and he talked to me this weekend. I dunno. I don’t think he still likes me. It’s been alngaljbglkjn months

Still looking for leaks of Pioneer alknalgn or videos even




September 22, 2011 - ATL Concert

Fangirling day for me. Hihihi. So we arrived at the Araneta Coliseum at around 6:30pm. I met with Iris and Pem at Starbucks. We entered the coliseum at around 7:30pm. Then we put face paint on our bodies: “JALEX <3”, “ZACK”, and “ALEX” on our arms. Lol. No Rian. Hahahaha. Anyway, the show started late (9pm, I think). Typecast performed. Then All Time Low started performing. I was standing on the front row seat that is right in front of Zack :”> Hihi. I shall post the videos and pictures when I have a time, including the other pictures from the CD Signing.

September 22-23, 2011 - IV5’s Retreat

We arrived Mary Ridge Retreat House in Tagaytay at around 9-10pm (not sure). It’s the best retreat in my entire high school life. I learned a lot of things from my classmates. I had the chance to get to know them more through the stories of their lives. I cried a lot, actually. Our experiences with the priest was fun. Lol. The confession was a counseling session. It was very informal. Hahaha. I got home around 7:30pm but my aunt and I went back since I forgot the food I bought in Tagaytay.

SEPTEMBER 21, 2011


Cooking day for TLE

This is my partner, Carina Rigor

The finished product, Pork Giniling

It doesn’t taste good. Loljk. I just don’t really like this food.

So after cooking, I went to the classroom, dropped my things and ran fast to Gate 7 to get my All Time Low CD Signing Stubs (for Carina, Iris, and me)

We went to Carina’s house and changed our clothes, then we went straight to SM The Block. There were too many people. Our ticket numbers were 3, 4, and 5. We were supposed to be the 3rd, 4th, and 5th people who will be able to get their CDs signed but since Astroplus sucks, there was no fckng arrangement or whatsoever. Sux to be me. Anyway, I told the guys how amazing they are and Rian gave me a big grin (his teeth are so whiiiite). Alex smiled at me. Jack gave me a high-five. Zack was a bit “shy.” I dunno. He’s quiet. Lol. The first thing I saw was his beautiful green eyes :”> We were screaming after we got off the stage.

Then we ate at BreadTalk, went to the hypermarket and went home.

When I got home, I studied for the quiz tomorrow and finished my talumpati. I went to my cousin’s house since it’s her birthday today. Hihi. Happy Birthday, Althea!

I love this day so much. I love my mom for making this possible. She told me that she ran to buy the tickets even though the mall was still closed. The guards even chased her. Lol. But she got away with it so, it’s alright. She was actually the first one there but she let some girl buy the first 2 tickets.

What a day for meeeee HAHAHA I’ll be dreaming of Zack’s green eyes tonight. See you hustlers tomorrow!


It’s been a while since I took a picture of myself. Busy days, busy days.

2.) I love receiving short personal messages from you.

Yeah, even if I don’t reply. Haha!

1.) I hate those boys who tell you they like you and the moment you realize you feel the same way, they leave you. Then you feel like shit; you feel so stupid.

I was wondering why my gif has 2 different sets of notes - one with 8 notes and the other with 60. I just realized I posted this twice. -___-
I forgot when I made this. Haha

I had a dream last night. The Maine was having a concert at my school then after performing one song, John O’Callaghan hugged me tightly. He even sort of lifted me up from the ground. Dream on, Lara.

Cory ng EDSA

Hurrah for the amazing “Cory ng EDSA” musicale. It was fun to watch, really.


You can actually get a perfect score in the Math part. Srsly.
I just hope I get a score that can make me have the program that I really want. :(

3rd yeaaaaar. I dunno who took this picture
This was supposed to be Zack Merrick HAHAHA I feel creative today.






Reading Comprehension

The Math part was easier than the Science one. Srsly. I left 8 items unanswered because of the time limit. UGH. I was really sleepy while reading the long texts for Reading Comprehension. I actually didn’t read everything. Haha!